Direct Gas Valve Actuators


Paladon DG-Series direct gas valve actuators are a simpler and more cost effective solution than gas-over-oil (gas/hydraulic) valve actuators. Rather than use the process gas to pressurise hydraulic fluid to provide the energy to operate the actuator, the process gas acts directly upon the valve actuator’s piston. To ensure long and reliable operation, Paladon Systems ensures that, whatever the quality of the process gas, it is sufficiently filtered and conditioned before entering the control system and valve actuator. Numerous additional control system options are available; including linebreak detection (rate-of-drop and high/low) and remote control.


Automation of rotary and linear valves in gas transmission lines.

Operating Ranges

  • Supply Pressures
    • 13 to 250 Barg (90 to 3625 psig)
  • Torque & Thrust Outputs
    • DG Series: 200 to 500,000 Nm (1,770 to 4,425,000
    • DGL Series: Thrust Output: Up to 222,000N (50,000 lbs)

Key Features & Benefits

  • Third party approved for use in SIL 3 certified systems
  • Scotch-yoke and linear piston actuator configurations
  • Double-acting and spring-return configurations
  • Low or high pressure control system packages available
  • Full enclosed manifold controls with lockable cover
  • Hydraulic manual override standard
  • Local operation using power gas standard
  • Speed control in both directions standard
  • Actuators certified to IP66M
  • Actuators certified in accordance with PED 93/27/EC